Here are some ways of the ways we will be collaborating and promoting:

  • Promote current album (as well as future albums, projects)

  • Bring current reviews back into forefront and promote

  • Radio airplay, Podcast etc...

  • Interviews

  • Social Media… I will work your social media (Professional Page) to build and create a buzz for current and future projects.

  • Advertisement, Magazines (Paid By Client)

  • We are a marketing agency bridging the gap between legitimate independent curators and artists. We are here to help you grow your music by introducing you to a new Audience on Spotify. Makenko will help take your music and career from A-B in just 120 days Most artists fail to promote their music because they prefer to focus on the music 100% and not the business side of it. Also getting on a Spotify Playlist could be difficult nearly impossible. It is usually based on who you know. We have partnered with many legit independent curators on Spotify to help you grow your music.

  • We are here to make music promotion easy for you!

  • We run all your playlists through chart metric to make sure all streams and engagement are 100% real and organic.

  • High Engaging Playlists which will help you grow an audience and engagement (Saves, Followers, Shares).

  • We listen to your song to help us determine which playlist/audience will be a good fit.

  • We will add songs to less crowded playlists to lower/prevent skip rate.

  • All the playlists we work with are genre specific.

  • Our goal is to provide the best playlist available and reach 100k – 200k monthly followers.


Artistic Development
Social Media Management